Our Mission

“The DC South Asian Arts Council Inc. (DCSAACI) is a Not for Profit (501) ©(3) non-profit organization that provides opportunities to South Asian artists to showcase talent via films, music, dance, theater, literature, food and art.”

Our Vision

“The vision of DCSAACI is to be the leading international ambassador for the celebration of South Asian arts & culture”



We commit to be invested, engaged, and to keep everyone around us encouraged, giving them the confidence to make decisions and shine to the best of their ability.


We aim to provide a culturally diverse platform for South Asian artists to excel and to be inspired by the best in the industry.


We welcome all our employees, volunteers, artists, and audiences to engage and make a difference. We respect and honor the value they bring with their diverse backgrounds, experiences, stories, and ideas.


We aim to curate programs that will stimulate discussions about important South Asian social issues for a better tomorrow and our next generation.

Our Brand Positioning

DCSAACI will continue to provide a culturally diverse platform to the South Asian artists to share their meaningful work for our audience who are looking to experience South Asian culture. DCSAACI sets itself apart from other organizations with its uniqueness, passion for creativity, integrity, and commitment for service”