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About Missi

Runtime: 20 minutes

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Missi is a story of lost love between a father and his daughter. Missi is a bridge that connects the two ends of a divided ocean. Love always wins over anger, it just needs a catalyst. Missi is a story of coincidence, connection, and hope. It tells a tale of how sometimes letting go sometimes brings the best rewards. It is a heartwarming tale of differences, acceptance, despair and eventually happiness.

Cast: Manoj Tiwari, Avani Dounde, Shweta Shankar, Damone Farell,

Post Screening Discussions:

Post screening discussion with Director and Cast

Director: Chetna Gola

Chetna was born in India but has made the United States of America her home for past three decades. She is a Healthcare Architect by profession and an actress by passion. She has entertained theatre and short film audiences in various established organizations for over twenty years, as an actress, set designer, dancer, singer, painter, photographer, and director, but filmmaking truly lights up her spirit. She has always wanted to make films and tell stories.