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About Her First Time

Runtime: 8 Minutes minutes

Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama

Her first time is an 8-minute short film about the relationship between a working mother and her 11-year old daughter. The film happens in a span of one evening when the daughter gets her first period while her mum, a doctor, is away at work. The narrative draws a parallel between hospital an home and is a common thread that strengthens their relationship despite the physical distance. The film celebrates the girl child and coming of age!

Cast: Veena Nair, Satyajeet Sharma, Vedika Nanwani

Director: Divya Unny

Divya has been a journalist in Mumbai city for 12 years and an actor for the past four years. This is her first film and she intends to create a series of short films about the life of urban women across the country. She has a knack and passion for story telling, She is a professionally trained dancer and loves to binge on cinema and travel when doing nothing.