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About The Ice Man

Runtime: 3 minutes

Language: English

Genre: Comedy

“The Ice-Man” is a short film about an unconventional encounter between an Indian man and a white woman at a convenience store somewhere in the suburbs of America.

Cast: Omi Vaidya, Heather Cole, Heerak Shah

Post Screening Discussions:

Post Screening Discussion with Film Makers

Director: Heerak Shah

Heerak Shah is a multimedia content creator ( producer, director, editor) for television, radio, web, mobile and film. Notable productions include sports, concerts, premieres, red carpets, interviews,festivals, corporate panels and commercials at locations like Madison Square Gardens, NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Lincoln Center of Performing Arts, Times Square, NYU Skirball theatre, Columbia University, Baruch Performing Arts Center and Florida’s Broward County Regional park.
In last 3 years, he produced a Sports NEWS show, a Tech-variety show, and a South Asian late-night style comedy show. He was an Associate Producer for a feature-length documentary called ‘Quiet Please’ which won the Award of Excellence at Accolade Global Film Competition. After earning an Engineering degree in Electronics, he decided to put his technical skills in the business of storytelling and went on to get an MFA in Television production from Brooklyn College, City University of NewYork. He is also trained in the art forms of Improv and Sketch Writing at New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) theatre.