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About Cola

Runtime: 13 minutes

Language: Hindi (English Subtitles)

Genre: Drama

A young man ventures out to perform the last rights of his mother, he finds himself in search of an elderly man , a conversation ensues once he finds the man and the realise their connection and become closer than ever before.

Cast: Rajit Kapur, Vivaan Shah

Director: Abhay Raha

Abhay Raha has been working in the Advertising and Film industry for about ten years now. From being in production to being an Assistant Director and now a director, his journey in the industry has been a large learning curve, which has honed him to comprehend the little details that go into delivering fine projects. His urge to explore new avenues and further excel his skills led him to work on big projects with the likes of Excel Entertainment, Fox Star Studios , Dharma Productions with legendary Directors and team of specialists in India and abroad. Abhay comes with a promise of creating films that deliver the vision of the brand in the most innovative, precise and efficient manner.