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About In Relationship With

Runtime: 13 minutes

Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama

Millions of fake Facebook profiles are made every day to harass and troll but for once it was made to make a 72yr old dying man happy. Virendra Saxena from Delhi is suffering from leukemia and is given ultimatum by Doctors that his days are numbered. Before the old man goes on his last journey he wants to meet his first love whom he met 50yrs ago. But when his grandson Madhav traces the woman to Mumbai and she finds difficult to recollect the old days, Madhav comes up with plan B. The entire saxena family conspires to fulfill the unrequited love of an old man.

Cast: Arvind Parab

Director: Ashish Aryan

Started my career in advertising and one of the ‘Anti smoking Ad’ won the best Ad film award by WHO and Health Ministry. Later I moved on to writing films. My first feature film, ‘T for Tajmahal’ was selected for NFDC screenwriters Lab for Toronto Film festival. Now it has been bought by Sony pictures and stated for release early next year. I have also written another International feature for UK based Director. Ravi Kumar( Bhopal : A prayer for Rain ). Also runs a digital channel by the name of ‘Bhartiya Janta Comedy’.