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About Looking for Mr. Right

Runtime: 20 minutes

Language: English

The story revolves around a thirty-something South Asian girl, Tara, and her friend, Rohan, both of whom are lonely and have been disappointed in their past relationships. They reluctantly agree to try a South Asian dating event suggested by Tara’s mother, where they meet several funny characters. Eventually, Tara manages to get a date with a boy who appears to be perfect. Just when she begins dreaming of a happily ever after, things take an unexpected turn, proving just how hard it is to date in modern day America, where no one is willing to compromise on their vision of a perfect future.

Cast: Omi Vaidya, Isha Misra

Director: Suneeta Misra

Suneeta Misra has been a Maryland public school teacher for the last 20 plus years. She has made a documentary on the education of dalit in modern India in 2011. As part of this documentary, she explored the challenges faced by young dalit girls in their goal of achieving a high school education. This documentary has been shown as part of World Kids International traveling Film Festival at Mumbai, India and at the DC South Asian Film Festival held on June 1-3, 2012 in Washington DC. Her latest effort is a short film, “A Good Match” which has been completed in January of this year. Currently, she is working on a documentary project called “the Tawaifs of Basuka,” which she plans to complete in 2016-2017.