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About Qualify

Runtime: 6.15 minutes

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Every night, Jamal, an immigrant doctor, wipes the tables, log’s the day’s sale, and generate the next day’s schedule. While the restaurant is about to close, a customer, David, comes in with a limp on crutches. As Jamal attends the customer, he hopes to help him, but to do so, he needs his approval, in which David declines. However, with the knowledge Jamal have and the pain David is having, Jamal can’t resist but help him.

Cast: Kash Sridhar, Jesse Marciniak

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Director: Alaa Zabara

Founder of Zabara Films, Alaa Zabara is a Yemeni-American director and cinematographer who was born in New York and raised in Sana’a, Yemen. Alaa is a story teller and strive to tell stories that needs to be told and be the voice of those who can not be heard. Cinematographer of an official selection short documentary “Cultivation and Community” in Virginia Film Festival, Washington West, and Docs in progress. Alaa has recently completed short narrative film “Qualify” (2019) and currently in pre-production on her short film “Selahy” where it will be shot in Lebanon.