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About Night at the Bar

Runtime: 18 minutes

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Andy loves to have fun playing basketball and hanging with friends. One morning he wakes up with a black eye but he can’t remember how he got it. What exactly did Andy get into?

Storytellers is an amateur film making organization in the Washington National Capitol Region that develops unique story ideas into entertaining short films. It consists of a group of volunteer film enthusiasts who have come together to fulfill their passion, either behind or in front of the camera by creating short films. The members exercise their creativity in the end-to-end film making process, from a story idea to a polished film on the screen. And by doing so, enhance their appreciation and enjoyment of watching films in general.

Post Screening Discussions:

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Director: Vandana Narang

Vandana Narang is a member of the Storyteller Film Club. She enjoys writing, script development and directing. Her debut film The Ring,which she wrote and directed, won the Audience Choice Award at the 2014 DCSAFF. In 2017 she wrote and directed The Girl on the Bridge and in 2019 A Night at the Bar both of which were also shown at DCSAFF. She has adapted two screenplays ( Relativity and Mango Party) from short stories that were made into films by the Storytellers Film Group. She owns her own interior design firm and is a running coach.