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About Jalebi

Runtime: 14 minutes

Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama

Enroute his pizza delivery rounds Pakistan’s Waqar knocks at the door of a young family from India. Waqar’s eyes fall on a cricket bat ; even as a pair of hoary eyes scrutinize Waqar from an armchair. Sizzled conundrum like sweet steeped in syrupy succulence, is what ? If ” Jalebi” is your answer, you hail from the Indian subcontinent. Eating these conundrum snacks is a fad, weaving them in your speech is finesse.

Cast: Anand Rao, Nirvana Swahney, Anshomaann Sharma, Tirthankar Das

Past Screenings:

NYIFF 2019

Director: Anshomaann Sharma

Anshomaann Sharma is a New Jersey based Actor/Singer/Editor and DIrector. This is his second short film, the previous short film “STATTION” was also screened in NYIFF and it has also won the best Short film award in short film festival in NYC. Anshomaann has acted in many short films, web series, feature films and also know for creating and singing mashup of bollywood songs. As a day job Anshomaann works as Vice President in Banking sector which is to the bill but his passion towards film world keeps him is what makes him happy, something for his dil.