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About Shaken

Runtime: 24 minutes

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Inspired by a true story of a woman’s struggle in a patriarchal society and her empowerment, of a woman searching to find love at a mature age, and living life on her own terms.

Samina, a divorced woman, abandoned by her husband in India a couple of decades ago, somehow lands in the USA. She finds another loving man but unfortunately, her second husband succumbs to Alzheimer’s. She is left unloved, taking care of her husband who is incapable of giving her any happiness or love. Samina eventually finds a new love, this time virtually, however, much younger and across the continent. What should she do? Leave her helpless Alzheimer’s husband and move with her new love? Or stay and sacrifice her life for her husband?

The film explores her struggle with social norms, and her need to sacrifice and stay compassionate under the circumstances, yet fulfill her own need for physical and emotional love. Her choices may surprise you, disgust you or inspire you… but surely this film will challenge the audience’s thoughts and values.

Cast: Shampa Basu Key Cast "Samina" Shoaib Ali Hassan Key Cast "Sameer" Rakhi Bhatia Tulsiani Key Cast "Sana" Shaurya Chaturvedi Key Cast "Rohan" Nachiket Dharker Key Cast "Aakesh"

Director: Manoj Tiwari

Manoj, an avid performing artist who loves the camera, stage, a basement, or a street corner, any place to show his artistry thru his voice, acting skill, or directorial creativity that he has proven over and over from early childhood to his current post-retirement life. His lifelong passion and dream of living a nomadic lifestyle on a stage, in front of a camera, or behind a camera have become a reality in the last couple of years.
Manoj has acted in several Hindi and English community theater-organized plays and has done voice-over and films from short to feature films, all as a passionate actor and director. Manoj’s films have played in many domestic and international film festivals, as well as his plays in front of the audience in several US cities from Washington, DC to LA and Canada.
Manoj loves challenging opportunities, as a team player, or as a leader, as the situation demands. Stage and films both provide ample opportunities for challenges as well as the creative outlet that every human mind craves but doesn’t get the opportunity.