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About Desi Standard Time Travel

Runtime: 20 minutes

Genre: Drama

When a new father suddenly loses his own
dad, an opportunity to travel back in time for an
evening gives him a chance to end things on a better



Shyam Valera, Eric Bizzarri

Cast: Adolyn H. Dar (The Expanse, Superman & Lois) Ali Kazmi (Funny Boy, The Breadwinner) Anika Zulfikar (Barzakh) Sumit Dhingra (Falling Water, Ezra) Harleen Uppal (There are No Children Here)

Director: Kashif Pasta

Kashif Pasta is an award-winning director, writer, and
producer using film and storytelling to tell
character-driven stories centered on South Asian and
Muslims with a sense of joy and wonder. He is the
co-founder of Dunya Media, a production company
that empowers filmmakers of color to tell stories with
joy, wonder, and purpose, where he recently won the
2022 SXSW Grand Jury Prize and Audience Awards –
Music Video for producing.