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About Copeless

Runtime: 17 minutes

Language: English

Genre: Drama

The son of a drunk and abusive politician reconciles with the guilt that comes from not protecting his mother from his father.

Cast: David Muthurajah Key Cast Praneet Akilla Key Cast Jas Dhanda Key Cast Gugun Deep Singh Key Cast

Director: Jaskaran Singh

Jersey grown and raised, but now Toronto based, Jaskaran has been a filmmaker since he was fifteen, but it took twice that long for his parents to finally acknowledge him as such at family events. So while a degree in Political Science and English would suggest he’s only qualified for “THE WEST WING” fanfiction, Jaskaran is actually a master of time travel epics, heartbreaking comedies, and laugh out loud dramas. He’s able to wear every hat imaginable (quite the feat when one wears a turban) to get across his distinct voice and unique outlook across multiple genres.

In the last five years, he’s written, directed, and produced multiple short films, including: “REARRANGED,” a drama boldly addressing arranged marriages for a first generation Indo-Canadian woman; “A TURBAN & A BEARD,” a docu-drama highlighting Sikh hate crimes in America in the two decades since 9/11; “EMOTIONAL DISTANCING,” a drama dealing with communicating intimacy during isolation; and “ME|HER,” a South Asian romantic dramedy about two friends reconciling their feelings after ten years.

Jaskaran recently won the 2020 Whistler Film Festival’s Power Pitch Competition with his feature script, “JERSEY BOY,” which also made The CAPE List 2021, curated by CAPE and The Black List of scripts centered on diverse Asian Pacific characters and experiences from writers Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.