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About Miss Man

Runtime: 25 minutes

Language: Bengali

Genre: Short

Manob is in love with another man. And he has a price to pay for that. Not only is he fighting the society around him, but his own homophobic father, who does not even refrain from physical violence to “cure his son from the disease of loving another man”. A younger Manob once danced in his school function, dressed up as a woman. And it is from that time he possibly realized that he might be a woman trapped inside a man’s body. The stakes get higher when he is also looked down upon by his lover, who refuses to accept him unless he transforms to a woman completely. Dejected, Manob decides to travel to the city to look into the possibilities of a sex change operation. Meanwhile, Manob’s father also arranges his marriage with the daughter of a relative. Cornered, Manob now has to make a choice between giving up his struggle or standing up for who he truly is.

Cast: Arghya Adhikary- Manob Avishikta Chatterjee- Bithi Ananya Dhar- Nipa Riddhish Dhar- Manob (younger) Bimal Giri - Amiya Soumya Majumdar- Subrata Manoj Michigan- Shankar Payel Rakshit- Jhimli Ratrish Saha- Ratrish Tamoghno Tapasidhya- Tamoghno

Director: Tathagata Ghosh

Driven by the craze for telling stories and sharing it with the world, Tathagata Ghosh began his film making and writing career. Graduating from film school and having honed his craft, he looks forward to churn out content driven material for film and television. His recent literary work “Senilar Sonket” is about to get published in the 2016 Kolkata International Book Fair.

He has been working in the film industry for the past five years from 2011 and have been associated with numerous projects in various ways.

He had written and directed 14 short films and two indie feature films before and had been associated and worked in many other short films, web series, documentaries, music videos and ad films in the form

of scriptwriter, producer, cinematographer, designer or associate director. He had collaborated with national award winning film maker Mr. Ujjal Chakraborty for his feature film and documentary and had also covered fashion shows as content writer and cinematographer for fashion designer Anshu Modi.

His films had been nominated, awarded, selected and screened in various film festivals in India and abroad including Kolkata International film festival. Hollyshorts film festival, Los Angeles, Indian Film Federation Society Film Festival, Kerala international short film and documentary film festival etc. One of his short films

“The Big Holocaust” had been nominated for the best film award at the 8th John Abraham National Awards,2014.