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About Voice of Siang

Runtime: 56 minutes

Language: Assamese

Genre: Documentary

Far East, in the Himalayan border of India and China, lives the indigenous Adi people. The Adi culture is unique with mythological chants and animistic rituals around nature. With memories of 1962 Indo-China war still fresh, China reasserts its territorial claim of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, the land of the Adis. The elegant Siang that originates in Tibet and flows down through the Adi villages- is the new battleground for power. Alongside its blue waters amidst green mountains and pristine valleys, drifts voices- unheard, unwritten and unsung. A series of encounters with the Adis, near the old town of Pasighat, this tale portrays their inspiring resilience and hope.

Director: Joor Baruah