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About Sequestered

Runtime: 3 minutes

Language: English

Genre: Short

A glimpse inside the isolation loop during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Director: Tas Limur

Tas Limur is a Los Angeles based photographer, born and raised in The People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Tas came into this world the son of a poetess and and an artiste. Tas says of his childhood:

Growing up with so much art around me and having intellectual people over all the time helped my creative mind grow.”

Tas believes that his work is a mirroring metaphor for the interconnected nature between light and darkness which resonates within human nature. Like fire and water, light and darkness are two sides of a single coin. The perceived duality of these two powerful forces manifest within the photographic action making of Tas’s work. Symbolic verifications that we are all in a constant flux of abstractions.

As is apparent in his photographs, Tas likes existing within this polyphonic state of being. He hopes that you do to.