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About How She Moves

Runtime: 40 minutes

Language: Urdu

Genre: Dance

How She Moves follows the spirited Indu Mitha, a 90-year-old dance teacher, as she prepares for her final dance performance. A minority in both religion and profession, Indu has been teaching the classical Bharatanatyam dance form in Pakistan for sixty years. Though traditionally associated with stories of Hindu deities, under her creative direction, the form has been given a secular and feminist flavor in Pakistan. Through an exploration of the colorful artistry of Indu and her students, we glean insight into culture, identity, and freedom of expression in a country where extremism, nationalism, and suspicion of dance as a legitimate art form push the classical dance towards extinction.

Director: Aisha Linnea Akhtar (Director/DOP)

Aisha is a Pakistani-American filmmaker based in Islamabad. Her work aims to celebrate uniquely Pakistani sub-cultures that don’t fit comfortably within the greater cultural identity. Although Aisha’s focus is on direction and writing, she has a diverse background in acting, music and production. She has directed shorts, commercials and music videos for local and international clients. Her work has been nominated for three Lux Style Awards and has garnered attention from media outlets such as the BBC, the Guardian, MTV, Al-Jazeera, Vice and more. She is currently in pre-production for a feature documentary.

Director: Anya Raza (Director/Producer)

Anya is a Pakistani-Dutch filmmaker, writer, economist and stand-up comedian. With her diverse experience in the non-profit sector, Anya tells universal stories that encourage critical thinking and compassion. She is currently in pre-production on a documentary series, and finishing her first novel.