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About A Democratic Proposal

Runtime: 18 minutes

Language: Sinhala

Genre: Short

After a proposed suitor and his family had visited and left, Kanchana’s whole family start to try and pitch her the marriage proposal. Kanchana is annoyed, but finds it hard to argue with the elders who aren’t ready to listen to her. Amid one- sided arguments and emotional blackmailings from her family and relatives, she tries to build up some courage and figure out a way to escape.

Cast: Chandana Aluthge- Uncle Sathsarani Chanchala Bandara- Little Girl Kaushalya Fernando- Mother Juliyan Gaarvith Galindawattha- Little boy Nadie Kammallaweera- Aunty Samanthi Lanerole- Grandma Juliyan Kawshalya Mendis- Female Cousin Mayura Kanchana Perera- Male Cousin Anjana Premarathna- Brother-in-law Yasodha Rasanduni- Girl

Past Screenings:

Official Selection at Prisma Independent Film Awards 2020

Director: Chandana Prasanna

Born to a middle class family, Chandana completed his school education in Kurunegala. His debut short film Ape Kale Weerayek, was awarded as one of 10 best shorts in 2005 by Sri Lanka’s National Film corporation. In 2008 he was invited to work as the Guest Director of director Thisra Imbulana’s debut film Nino Live.