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About Ama Khando

Runtime: 99:48 minutes

Language: Mustangi

Genre: Drama

Khando, an illetrerate and impoverished harvest worker, joins a family of winter migrants on the arduous trek to lower altitudes to give up her unsuspecting son to foster care.The journey is fraught with incident, as characters from a cross-section of the remote mountain community interact with each other. Each leg of the journey adds intrigue to the story as differences surface and conflicts have to be negotiated. Based on real-life experiences, the heart of the story is a young woman’s struggle to give up her only family, even as every day takes her closer to the fateful day when she must execute that painful decision.

Cast: Tsering Dhondup Karnabir Baliya Pema Dhoka Samtu Gurung Kyima Dolma Gurung Pema Dolker Karchung Lhakpa Wangdi

Director: Dhondup Tsering