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About Ek Ladki Ek Sapna

Runtime: 40 Minutes minutes

Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama

The deep-seated cultural preference for sons has skewed India’s 1.2 billion population’s gender demographic, particularly in the states of Haryana, Rajasthan, and Punjab.  Unfortunately, this phenomenon is no longer limited to Indian states. The physical and mental torturing of ‘girl-only-child-bearing-women’ in Indian communities in Canada has become a somewhat common occurrence. “Ek Ladki Ek Sapna” is the story of  such a woman, who marries an Indian Canadian and immigrates to Canada with the hope for a perfect life.

Cast: Prerna Mohod, Shampa Basu, Dalvinder Multani, Goldie Manocha and more

Director: Dalvinder Multani

Dalvinder is primarily a stage actor and director. He has been active in Indian Theatre since his days at Punjab University, Chandigarh, where he acted in several short plays including an English classic “The Dear Departed”. He has also acted in several Hindi & Punjabi plays since his arrival in the U.S. in 1978. Some of the plays to his credit are: Taj Mahal Ka Tender, Beewion Ka Madrasa, Loha Kutt, Poorab Pachhim, Kanak Di Balli, Shaadi Ka Ishtihar, Loona, Heer Ranjha, Rayee Da Pahaar, Pani Mein Meen Pyasi, Ik Kurhi Ik Supna, Chup Chaap, Khazaney Da Supp , Ishtihar, Attache Case, R.S.V.P., Gaj Fut Inch and Aadhe Adhure. In Aadhe Adhure, he had the privilege of working under Amol Palekar’s direction. He has also directed “Rayee Da Pahaar”, Poorab Pachhim, Ik Kurhi Ik Supna, Chup Chaap, Khazaney Da Supp, Ishtihar, Attache Case and R.S.V.P.

Director: Goldie Manocha

Goldie possesses over 35 years of stage experience. He started acting in the plays at a very young age. He has acted in more than 45 plays in India and the US. He has performed a variety of roles and has worked with more than 20 directors. He has had the privilege to perform alongside the National School Drama students in New Delhi, India. He has also acted in a few short films in the US. Some of the plays to his credit are: Loha Kutt, Kanak Di Balli, Taj Mahal Ka Tender, R.S.V.P., Court Marshal, Terrorist Ki Premika and Beewion Ka Madrasa, and Gaj Fut Inch.