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About Chasing the Rainbow

Language: English

Genre: Drama

Imagine, the entire population of the continent of Australia turned out of their homes eighteen million people losing their lands, evicted from their houses, deprived of livelihood and education and spread out in cities to make ends meet. Oddly it all happens in the name of “Development” and the victims are described as “Beneficiaries”. Sounds too far fetched even as fiction! It’s happened in India. It’s happened to Hori Mahto, Mukta and their daughter Lali, the protagonist of our film, “Chasing The Rainbow”. Their land is declared as a “State Property” and they have been termed, as “Encroachers” and therefore they must vacate within six days. And Mukta says, ” We have no patta, no record, no certificate to fight for compensation. We can’t even prove we are alive”, and therefore they leave and wend their way down the road to nowhere. Once in the city, the family ties are broken as Lali is employed.

Cast: Shishir Sharma, Nina Kulkarni


Best Short Film DCSAFF 2016

Director: Charu Shree Roy

After finishing her Bachelor’s in Mass Media from University of Delhi, Charu worked as a video editor for NDTV, NBC and Financial Times. She later joined FTII, Pune for her masters in Film Editing. The short film, “LIGHT & HER SHADOWS” she edited as part of her academic project won awards and travelled to State & International Festivals including the Kodak Film School Competition (U.S), Melbourne Queer Film Festival (Australia), International Festival of Rome (Italy) and Bollywood & Beyond(Germany). Her diploma film, “ALLAH IS GREAT”, was India’s entry to the Student Oscars along with winning the Special Jury Award at the National Film Awards and five International Awards at International Gulf Film Festival (Dubai), Krakow International Film Festival(Poland), Festival Toamna de Aur (Romania), Extravagant India (Paris) & Jaipur International Film Festival (India) besides being screened at several State & International Festivals in Kyoto, Hong Kong, Canada, Rome, Venice, Stuttgart, Florence, Serbia & Holland.