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About Do paise ki dhoop, Chaar aane ki baarish (Deepti Naval)

Runtime: 121 minutes

Language: Hindi

Genre: Drama

In this art film, Juhi is an aging prostitute whose son Kaku is wheelchair-bound. She finds it challenging to take care of him with the limited number of customers that now find her attractive. Debu, a not-so-successful lyricist, is dumped by his boyfriend, and is out on streets. These characters, in need of money and love, bump into each other, after which their lives take a similar direction. Their relationships, born out of mutual needs, change their perceptions about each other, which in turn brings a change in them—finally, a sunny day after days of merciless downpour.

Cast: Manisha Koirala as Juhi Rajit Kapur as Debu Sanaj Naval as Kaku Milind Soman Alyy Khan as Ali (guest appearance)


New York Indian Film Festival 2021

Winner Best Screenplay Deepti Naval

Director: Deepti Naval

Deepti Naval (born 3 February 1952) is an Indian-born American actress, director, and writer, predominantly active in Hindi cinema. Her major contribution has been in the area of art cinema, winning critical acclaim for her sensitive and ‘close to life’ characters that emphasized the changing roles of women in India.