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About Billu’s Flight

Runtime: 28 minutes

Language: Hindi (English Subtitles)

Genre: Drama

BILLU’S FLIGHT is a short film based on a young boy in a small village in India. This film portrays his love for a pigeon which he wants to use for a competition called ‘Kabutarbazi’ to pay of his father’s debt who is farmer (Kisan) struggling to pay of his loan. Inspired by Mr. A P J Abdul Kalam’s famous quote “Pankho se kuch nahi hota hosole se udan hoti hai” (Your flight is measured not by yours wings but by your courage) the story shows his journey to win the competition but suddenly his hopes are shattered when his pigeon goes missing. What happens next is revealed in the climax.

Cast: Lavi tyagi, Taruna singh, Rajul Gaur and Goldi Sharma


Audience Award Best Short Film DCSAFF 2015

Director: Mayank Tripathi